Verbier Wine Festival - Savoie - St Pierre d'Albigny

Savoie, a mosaic of dramatic and diverse sub-regions

The Savoie vineyard is made up of islets each very different from each other. From North to South: Crépy, Côte d'Arve, Combe de Savoie, Chambéry and Chautagne. Most of the vineyard rests on the granite massif of Mont-Blanc and is surrounded by the limestone Pre-Alps.

The implantation of the vines was done on rocks torn from the summits as well as on the cones of dejection which were formed during the last glaciations. The vines are located at an altitude of 250 to 600m. The vineyard benefits from a mountain, continental and sometimes Mediterranean climate (Chautagne).

Key info

Area 2'200 ha
Distribution 26% white, 74% red
Climate Continental climate with alpine and Mediterranean influences
Soils Very diverse
Cultivation Terraces

White grapes

Grape Area Weight
Jaquère 800 ha 36.4%
Altesse 340 ha 15.5%
Roussanne 100 ha 4.5%
Chardonnay 90 ha 4.1%
Chasselas 80 ha 3.6%
Gringet 23 ha 1.0%
Molette 18 ha 0.8%

Red grapes

Grape Area Weight
Gamay 270 ha 12.3%
Mondeuse Noire 240 ha 10.9%
Pinot Noir 100 ha 4.5%
Persan 8 ha 0.4%

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