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The wine regions of the Alpine arc

To define which wine regions qualify as Alpine wine regions, the organisers of the Verbier Wine Festival, took a terroir driven approach. Areas north and south of the Alps with similar climates, soils and grapes. In agreement with our experts, the list includes 6 wine regions: Alto Adige (Italy, Valais (Switzerland), Savoie (France), Ticino (Switzerland), Graubünden (Switzerland) and Val d'Aoste (Italy).

IOV Definition of “Terroir” (2010)

Vitivinicultural “terroir” is a concept which refers to an area in which collective knowledge of the interactions between the identifiable physical and biological environment and applied viticultural practices develops, providing distinctive characteristics for the products originating from this area.

“Terroir” includes specific soil, topography, climate, landscape characteristics and biodiversity features.

The 6 wine regions of the Alpine arc

Wine region Country Area
Alto Adige Italy 5'300 ha
Valais Switzerland 4'800 ha
Savoie France 2'000 ha
Ticino Switzerland 1'120 ha
Val d'Aoste Italy 460 ha
Graubünden Switzerland 450 ha

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